Surf School in Zahara de los Atunes, Cádiz, South Spain

What is S.U.P. or Stand Up Paddle?

Nowadays the main difference in between regular Surfing and Stand up Surfing is that to practice SUP it´s not necessary to have waves; in this new extreme sport you will be able to paddle in the open sea, on a lake, on a river or on any big space of water.


This new sport gains everyday more and more followers because it´s a sport suitable for everyone, it doesn´t matter your age or your physical fitness, it´s easy and suitable for all.


sup zahara surf

Open now all the year round!



The more we’ll practice the better we’ll get (our balance and paddling) to the point of being able to catch a wave and surf it or paddle out for a long crossing and discover the incredible coastline of Zahara. Therefore we can say that this new sport has 3 categories: Flat water (Cruising), wave (Surf) and long distance crossing (Racing).


Here in Zahara SUPwe have developed a teaching method that allows everybody to have fun while increasing their skills in a safe environment. We mostly do flat water courses or beginner level, but if you know already how to paddle and you would like to get started on catching waves, here it’s your chance to do it.

Come and discover with Zahara Surf  a handful of incredible places where you can only access by sea, while you enjoy a nice cruise by SUP tanning on the Andalusia’s sun.


What else could we say?…that we wait to see you all this summer in Zahara Surf  ready to have fun





Zahara SUP desarrolla un sistema de enseñanza basado en el estudio y la capacidad de

cada alumno. Todas nuestras propuestas están pensadas para que tu iniciación en el

Stand Up Paddle sea pura diversión y descubrimiento desde el primer momento.

Nuestro trabajo es transmitirte todo la pasión y admiración que tenemos por los mares y

océanos que nos rodean y la vida que albergan.

Te acompañaremos y enseñaremos a descubrir tus capacidades y te ofreceremos la

oportunidad de ver el mundo desde otro punto de vista.

Aprenderemos a utilizar todos nuestros recursos y unirlos al agua para maximizar el

rendimiento de cada movimiento.

Ofrecemos cursos para todos los niveles y edades a partir de 14 años.



Open Water

Es la opción para los recién llegados al deporte.

Este curso desarrollado en un entorno de aguas tranquilas en la playa y de poca

profundidad te dará los conocimientos y experiencia que te llevaran a los siguientes

niveles. Te enseñaremos a conocer el material, las corrientes, el medio y todas las

medidas de seguridad necesarias para practicar el Stand Up Paddle de forma apropiada.

Aprenderás a remar y disfrutar paseando sobre el agua de una forma sosegada y


Recomendado para personas de edades comprendidas entre 14 y 75 años de edad y

cualquier forma física. Sano y equilibrado, reforzará tu cuerpo y mente.



Waves and excursions

Supone el segundo nivel de tu camino en el mundo del SUP.

En esta fase, empezaremos a dejar progresivamente el agua plana y las zonas

protegidas, para salir al mar y experimentar sensaciones diferentes que harán que

nuestros sistemas de equilibrio y fuerza se aúnen para adaptarnos a cada una de las

condiciones que nos podamos encontrar.

Perfeccionaremos nuestra técnica de remada y pasearemos distancias más largas a favor

y en contra de las corrientes y el viento.

Aprenderemos a maniobrar en distancias cortas y nos adentraremos en la lectura del mar,

viento y corrientes.

Recomendamos tener algo de experiencia con el deporte, o haber hecho un curso de


1 2 60 €
2 4 110 €
3 6 175 €
4 8 220 €
5 10 250 €
10 20 450 €
20 40 800 €

Maximum 2 students per teacher

In the evenings from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


S.U.P´s history starts in the 60´s decade in Hawaii, when the surf instructors from Waikiki beach started using their long boards and kayak paddles to take pictures of their students.


On the beginning of year 2000 some of the most famous Hawaiian surfers included surfing with a paddle regularly on their weekly training because this new sport allowed them to train without waves or wind.

Some year later they found themselves entering events like “Paddle Board Race Molokai” in Oahu and “Makaha La Junta Big Surf Classic”.


"The best surfer is the one is having more fun"

'Duke Kahanamoku'

He was born August 24th, 1890, at Ruth´s Princess´ palace in Honolulu. At that time Edinburg’s Duke (Queen Victoria´s son) was visiting Hawaii and they decided to call the child (the son of the island prince) Duke on his honor.

During Stockholm´s Olympic Games in 1912, he became the most popular figure amongst the participants. His first time in the 100m freestyle (1:2:6) was more than 2 seconds faster than any other swimmer. On the final he only needed a time of 1:3:4 to win the gold medal.


He moved to USA in 1911 to enter the Olympic Club that at that time was managed by Dick Cavill who astonished by the way he was swimming he designated his style as “crawl” because of the way he made his way thru the water. This style of swimming ended with the “double-over”.


In the next Olympic games in Antwerp 1920, he won again in the same discipline with a time of 1:1:4 on the series and equaling his world record (1:00:4) on the final. However there was a complaint and the Marshalls decided to repeat the final round that he won anyway with a time of 1:1:4.

He made his way thru 4 Olympic Games where he won 3 gold and 2 silver medals. The last one in Paris 1924 where he was beaten by who will become the world’s most famous swimmer in history: Johnny Weissmuller, “Tarzan”.


From this moment and on, Kahanamoku played a very important role as instructor and developer of surfing all over the world.

“The Duke” passed away in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA on January 22nd 1968.






Gold medal at the Summer Olympic Games, Stockholm 1912 (100 m freestyle).


Gold medal at the Summer Olympic Games, Antwerp 1920 (100 m freestyle).


Gold medal at the Summer Olympic Games, Antwerp 1920 (4×100 m freestyle).


Silver medal at the Summer Olympic Games, Stockholm 1912 (4×200 m freestyle).


Silver medal at the Summer Olympic Games, Paris 1924 (100 m freestyle).